Hello, can you tell us who you are? 
Hello, I am Joëlle Smaniotto, I am 34 years old. I love the sun, the travels, the good food, the scents and aromas, the spas, the romantic comedies!

Where do you live? 
I live in Thailand, Bangkok, Khlong Toei District. Advantages: Central, living, our residence is like a small oasis in the heart of the city, and near the office of David (my husband).

How did you get here?
To follow David, my husband. Also, I knew a little about Thailand since my years lived in Singapore (between 2008 and 2013), and the decision was made quickly.

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, which country?
I lived in Mexico during my studies, then in Singapore and Dubai for work

How long have you been there? 
We live in Bangkok since October 2016. We have a little boy who’s three months old today. He was born in Bangkok so for him, this is his home!
For me, I think I quickly adapted because my previous experiences of expatriation gave me some reflexes, but Bangkok being a city much larger and diverse than Singapore and Dubai, even in 2 years, I am far from having already done the trick.

You have developed an activity: How did you come up with the idea? And why this theme?
My case is a bit peculiar: I have to date several activities, which allows me not to be bored! And to do several things that fascinate me.
-The first activity that I developed, a little by competition of circumstances, is my company of representation of Brands (bowconsulting.com). A few years ago, I arrived in Dubai with a professional mission to develop the brand for which I worked in Singapore and who wanted to embark on the Middle East. (This is a brand of high-end teas).
As the brand and the company did not exist yet, I started as an independent consultant, and that is how I have been operating since then. Today I work with several clients, mainly on projects related to well-being, which leads me to talk about my second activity, the one that binds me to essential oils…

After Dubai and before my installation in Bangkok, I spent a little time in France, and I took the opportunity to train myself in Aromatherapy and Aromachology (at the faculty free of natural medicines and ethnomedicine in Paris, www.flmne.org). The aromachology being less known, in a nutshell, it is the study of the world of odors, and learn to use fragrances (and especially essential oils) to connect with its memory and its emotions, and accompany towards a balancing Emotional. For me, a very exciting world!

Finally, when we arrived in Bangkok, the time to find accommodation, we lived in “serviced Apartment”. A bit like the hotel, it was not really ideal for cooking so we would take most of our meals outside. Since I like good food and especially good products (fresh, BIOS, without preservatives, etc.), I started looking for the right addresses of the city. I realized that there was not yet a site dedicated to this particular theme so I created “Eat Healthy in Bangkok”.

Explain how you organize yourself between your business and your personal life?
I have the chance to do what I like, so the pro and personal sides are a bit related. I think what’s unique to entrepreneurs is to finally be a little bit of work! But the fact of working in a fairly independent way for a few years has helped me to create a balance, even if sometimes the overwork catches up with me!
I am the type to need a structure otherwise I can not function! So I make a schedule a week or every day is associated with a main activity. For example, on Monday I take care of everything that is administrative type, on Tuesday I am working on my projects of brand representation, on Wednesday it is my day fragrance and aromatherapy, on Thursday: a mixture of these 3 days, and on Friday, I try to Discover a little more of the city and blogger.
The idea is to keep also flexibility but at least I am a kind of thread that allows me to self-discipline!
When you work a lot from home, I think it’s important to define and delimit its work-related space, and to be held at certain times, otherwise you always have the head a little somewhere else, right?
Here in Thailand, the sun goes down pretty early all year. Around 5.30 pm, there is always this pretty light before the sky darkens, it is my signal to finish my day, meditate and switch in personal mode (vs. pro).

So you’re a very busy “Mompreneuse”?

Now that I am a young mother, it is true that my days are “a little” different! Right now, I spend my mornings with Bebe, and I always find a few hours during her afternoon nap to work. I had to take a step back from some projects to take care of him, but it was a choice I made by listening to my instinct, more than trying to follow a model.
I think that is the key: to make choices that seem right and natural to us, and the rest will followI find that nothing really prepares us for the life of a young mother. Of course, we have examples around us, friends who advise us, models that inspire us, but ultimately, we are alone in the face of our situation. and between the desire to do well, the desire to do everything, and the feeling of guilt (specific to women?!), we must find some kind of inner peace in relation to the choices we make because no, we can not do everything!

Can you share your lucky moments of a sack?
With pleasure!
Waking up in the morning, even very early (and exhausted!), and seeing my son smiling at me:)
Think about the next weekend that we will spend in Hua Hin, Phuket, Koh Samet or another corner of Thailand.
Receive messages from customers who say “thank you”. Thanks that have much more meaning and depth today than when I was working as an employee.
In the same kind, when I get messages from followers (from my blog) that tell me that thanks to the info I share, they discovered a great address/have adopted a lifestyle more “healthy”. It catches up with the days when I think, “but what did I get myself into?!” (and there are still some!)
Every return to Paris. As an expat for 10 years, the past moments of return “at home” are not only great vacations, precious moments spent with family and friends, but also a time to take a step back. It’s essential to move forward.

You care a lot of children, a small Home-made to share?

Mosquito Repellent Spray! Simple and efficient. Over here

In addition to being “Mompreneuse”, what are your favorite cultural outings of the moment, alone or with your family?
This is going to be around the theme of well-being! I launched a few months ago, with a friend who is “health coach” a community that is connected by a Facebook group called “Bangkok Expats: healthified”.
Every month, we bring in experts on a specific subject: Nutrition, yoga, detox, fitness, etc. to come and present what they are doing and bring together a group of people interested in these themes.
To learn, exchange and meet.

 Cultural moment: Can you quote me one of your favorite paintings or books?

The right now what comes to my mind is a painting that is hung in my office and realized by a local artist called Niran Charoenpong.

This painting inspires me the calm, but also the progression, not a step, the ascension but not forgetting where we come from. This philosophy pleases me:) and also because we met the artist here.

Is there a cultural event right now in your city/region that you would advise?
Go and see what’s going on in warehouse 30: For years, the seven large warehouses behind the Portuguese embassy were unused, with the exception of P. Tendercool’s only presence-a Belgian design studio based in Bangkok and specialized In the manufacture of custom furniture. The team behind the Jam Factory came and understood the potential of the complex as a complementary creation center. She quickly began to restore the warehouses so that they could function in a contemporary way. The result is the Warehouse 30, opened in 2017 in large pump.

In a nutshell can you tell us about the art of living in your country of expatriation?
There is a phrase that really characterizes the art of living in Thailand, and that is called “Ma Pen rai”. Which would mean “no problem.”
It’s quite fascinating how Thais stay cool in any circumstance. Thailand is known as the Land of smiles and it’s true! Even if a smile is not always the answer has everything… It’s true that it has the merit to soften any situation.

Can you describe your activities?
1/Brand representation and development: accompany brands and be a relay point, defend their ideas, present them locally, facilitate exchanges, transmit their values, create opportunities for business development.
2/aromachology: Private sessions, workshops, personalized creations for private customers or companies (spas, hotels).
3/Blog about well-being and well-eating in Bangkok: I explore from myself, I interview professionals.

How did you develop it?
For my brand development business, I have started this for 4-5 years, and then I created my company in Hong Kong last year.
For the aromachology, I graduated in 2016, I started with word of mouth and now I have several
Partners in France and Thailand. I buy a majority of my products in France.
For my blog, I thought about it within 2 weeks or so we arrived in Thailand, I started also last year! I did everything myself:) (Site Creation, etc.)

What do you get out of your experience at the professional level, insertion in the country, family…

When you love what you do, you do it with your heart and you push yourself a little, the opportunities come!
When we leave to settle as a couple, it is clearly important to talk to each other, to share their desires, their fears, to be a cohesive team! Because it’s not always easy, especially at the beginning. When you are the follower, you can quickly feel an imbalance, feel less important, get back a lot of questions especially when you have to leave a post to follow. It is important that our partner be there to bring stability that we did not enjoy/or not yet, and sometimes reminds us who we are!

In a nutshell your professional career 
To make things easier here’s my LinkedIn

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