Can you describe your business?
I conceive and develop programmes of education by nature, under the brand “Missions COCO”. The first program is Naya Nature, to which Claire Bano devulture, as Co-director, brings her talent and competition.
We want to allow children to find the bond of familiarity that hangs them from nature, and to find all the benefits. Because the positive effects of nature on children are impressive: on social and emotional development, on health and physical development, on their ability to learn… And what is seen on an individual scale is strengthened at the societal level: more peaceful, more open…
Our program spans three basic levels: learning about its deep nature, learning about the relationship to the other, learning about the living. All in the enthusiasm and with a pedagogy inspired by both the work of Rudolf Steiner and those of Maria Montessori, or the school of hummingbirds and the Living school.
In fact, Naya nature functions as a school of nature; As you imagine a music school… but in and on nature! With annual programs by age groups, progress follow-ups, small certifications to pass… We are already imagining our end of year party!
What we care about is enthusiasm! Arousing positive emotions about nature, having fun, laughing, investing, being surprised… Our motto may be that of André Stern: “Enthusiasm believes as it is used”.
Our programs are open to children aged 2 to 12, by age groups; Either alone, after school or through their school, or with a parent who wants to develop this particular connection with their child.
In order not to wait until the beginning of school and to allow the families to discover our fabulous team of mediators Nature we propose from the month of May a sample of our programme, including 3 surprise sessions led by experts Recognized!

How did you develop it? 
Naya Nature comes from a long reflection that the time, my children and my meetings, especially that of Claire (co-director of Naya Nature) have strengthened and enriched. On the side of my children, I quickly sought to apply what I learned from the trainings I followed, and I was amazed at how curious they are of nature and they feel good about it. And what a difference with days spent indoors! But the school, let alone the nursery, does
Offer daily outings in a natural environment. And it’s sometimes hard to find that time between work and the evening hard hour.
And on the other hand I have met many people who share our aspirations and our sense of urgency. Claire has been involved in the project since its inception and brings all her experience and know-how to it. I believe deeply in the power of the “community” to create
Positive impacts. We’re powerful together. This community that is being built is both for me a source of energy and inspiration. Some engage more concretely and bring their talent as their stone to the building, it is priceless.
A change is happening! We want children to be the seeds of greater momentum, by re-connecting them to their nature. This is exactly the symbol of the coconut, which is in our logo: A seed sown, stemming from a tree with solid roots and germinating, slowly, but surely.

What do you take away from your experience at the professional level, insertion in the country, family…
The life in Amsterdam and the conception of nature and education by the Dutch allowed me to say that it was here and now that I had to seize the opportunity to germinate my profound desire for change. It is an experience that allows me to realign my professional life with my personal life and my convictions! Everything finally makes sense!

How can your company be nomadic?

Coco Missions is the entity I created to design, develop and promote nature education programs, as I conceive it (education to oneself, to the other and to the natural environment). In fact initially I thought about my own projects-and I have plenty! With Claire, here I start with Naya Nature. But the more I mention it around me, the more I meet potential project holders who are only asking to germinate to make small groves!

Coco Missions is an umbrella brand. The shape of the projects (the geographical area, the economic model, the modalities) depends on the context and can change. What does not move, whatever program I want to develop, is the bottom: the vision, the values, the societal impacts that I seek to achieve. My role is to ensure consistency and sustainability wherever it is.

In a nutshell your professional career
I have a master’s degree in consulting and organizing and conducting the change of the National Conservatory of Arts and crafts. I have attended trainings on social Entrepreneurship (ESSEC), “How to create a school” (Living School, University of Hummingbirds) and trainings on mediation to nature (awakening and
I am a touch to all of the company. I was a teacher, trainer, consultant in Knowledge management, change manager… I worked for a television channel, a waste management company, a university, associations… I worked with technicians, communicators, directors, librarians, students. And I loved it all. And today, everything serves me! Before arriving in Amsterdam I had not imagined becoming a social entrepreneur. But in fact now I wonder if it was not already on my way…

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