Emilie, can you describe your business?

"Les-petits-expats.com" is a site dedicated to expatriate families. It aims to give parents keys to help them accompany their child in this great adventure of expatriation and which is not a long quiet river. It talks about bilingualism, schooling, education, openness to the world, psychological well-being, positive education, games, products and services dedicated to expatriate families or junior "expats". The testimonies of "expats" and the interventions of professionals are important to me because they allow to put words on evils. It also allows to free speech on sometimes difficult or delicate subjects

Les-petites-expats This is the only site that speaks to expatriate children and this is the only site that offers a platform of exchange between small expats and schools of Metropolis! I love this project in which everyone is enriched: the small "expats" are valued because speaking of the country where they live; They become small reporters, great ambassadors and small schoolchildren of metropolis broaden their horizons, develop their knowledge and discover the world!


How did you develop it? How long, what approach-administrative, local etc…-purchase of equipment…?

It took me a while, I needed to let the project mature before I thought about putting something online. And in the course of the readings and discussions on groups dedicated to expatriate families, the project was enriched. I like to build partnerships to bring the added value and content that I find difficult to produce (because this is not my domain for example). And then it was necessary to communicate (without budget) to be known! Every "like" on Facebook is a small victory, every article that appears on our subject allows us to move forward…! I work alone from home, but thanks to Skype and Viber I meet a lot of expatriates and professionals who "feed" the site. It is a professional project very rewarding humanly.

What do you get out of your experience at the professional level, insertion in the country, family…

Settling in a village allowed us to be integrated faster than in a city and to have a better social life. Expatriation is a great experience that allows us to open up to the world, to enrich ourselves from a moral, psychological and professional point of view. This adventure also allows us to strengthen family ties, we have gained in quality of life..

In a nutshell your professional career

I was previously a press officer, communications officer and project manager in an agency for more than 10 years. With "les-petits-expats.com", I put all my professional skills acquired in a new project while reinventing myself. A new challenge…. 


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