Celine from the blog "Learning by having fun" offers you a small DIY ….


DIY for more than 5 years: geometric shapes! (a way to make maths with fun).

  • Take a large white sheet and prepare a palette of paint.
  • With a brush for each color to not mix the colors.

Make children do the following forms: dots, circles, squares, dots, tasks, footprints, spirals, doodles, ovals, scribbles, stars, and all that inspires them!


DIY for younger: hand in negative on colored dots.

  • Take a white sheet and make the fingerprint (pencil) of the child's hand in the center.
  • Then on this sheet, the child choose to make color dots with the paint, trying not to mix the colors!
  • When it's dry, cut out the child's hand. We get two works of art!

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