Hello, little muse, who are you? 
I am Pascale, the co-founder of the Huilettes, a young brand of cosmetics, effective and natural, organic and vegan. A little late bloomer:) because I embarked on this entrepreneurial adventure at 45 years old, once doctor in pharmacy and after more than 20 years in the conventional cosmetic… And then I’m a fan of nature, yoga and my family… in short of life!

Where do you live?
After Indonesia, France, India and Thailand, I live today in Morocco in Casablanca. I put my things in the district Burgundy, I like this mix between its residential area and its streets more agitated, all that close to the sea and 2 steps from the Corniche

How did you get here? 
This expat life we have chosen for two with my husband and this has always offered us a living environment conducive to new adventures and real intense moments with family. And since I’m hyper active and I can’t live without working, we always selected the countries where I could work, it was part of the deal! I was able to live away without ever “sacrificing” my professional life:)

Have you ever lived abroad? If so, which country?
I started my expatriate adventures in Jakarta in Indonesia in young couple mode without children, and we kept friends of incredible buddies. Later we went back to Bombay, India with our two great and this is where my last was born;) and then to Bangkok in Thailand and for 5 years in Morocco…

How long have you been there? 
In all we have therefore accumulated more than 15 years abroad! And it is every time a new challenge to adapt!
The school is always the key to a good integration and as we have 3 children, it’s easier….
And then my motto is when the parents are well, the children too (well almost!!), so it’s important to find his marks quickly enough, to set landmarks for the family. Caring for the children and the husband before taking care of oneself;) Not easy every day, but it is a nice choice of life that we assume on a daily basis and that gives us real privileged moments with family…

You have an activity: how is the idea? And why this theme?

The idea did not come alone…. It’s a life story and a path always. Twenty years years in the conventional cosmetic, in the development products or markets at Lancôme, Rogé Cavaillès, Yves Saint Laurent beauté, thus a beauty expertise and a real capacity to work learned in large groups. Working abroad with different cultures helps to develop a strong understanding of the markets as well.
And then after all these experiences, the will to refocus on things that make sense: natural cosmetics, a real passion! The chance also to find his future partner in a long-time darling friend during a long bike ride… The origin of this beautiful adventure the huilettes, it is all this path travelled according to meetings
Human and vegetable!

Explain how you organize yourself between activity and your personal life?
The famous secret of the organization… My thing to me is the To do list, write everything to remember nothing. It’s also important to clear your head and not always have the mind occupied by the next thing to do! Also Important to prioritize… I use a tool that I adore TRELLO, we can make lists pro and personal, share them, put deadlines. I have my personal lists with files according to the topics, and I share my pro lists with my partner and my teams.

You’re a very busy “Mompreneuse”? 
Today this is not too much of a problem because children are big and more autonomous! It always happens to me to have shorter nights, with flashes of forgotten things to note in my to DO hi Hi… I will not hide you that there are sometimes failures, forgetting!

Can you share your lucky moments of a sack?
Twenty minutes of meditation on awakening, time to put a little my day in place without letting me leave right away in all these things to do…
Breakfast with the family, to spend a last moment together before everyone leave in his day...
Big hugs with my last, to enjoy before it is too big…
A beautiful Yoga session, at least twice a week, but always different: I am particularly a fan of Bikram and Aérial…
An active seaside walk with a girlfriend to disconnect well…
An Evening with my man, once everyone lay down, to imagine our future
House in the country…

You care a lot of children, a small house to share? 
My thing to me and that works at all ages… it’s a healthy kitchen workshop, always a good time to share with them…. We discuss what we are going to do, how, we can do the shopping and then prepare, cook and key a good dish to savor!

Besides being “Mompreneuse”, your outings what are the references of the cultural world currently with family? Only?
I love to go out… Depending on the country, the exits necessarily different and the cultural highlights are not alike… In Morocco, I am a fan of the Jazz festival, Jazzablanca which takes place every year in April and which we share between buddies…


 Cultural moment: Can you quote me one of these favorite paintings or books?

The book that I loved and that changed a lot of things for me, it estL’apprentissage happiness learning the happiness of Tal Ben Shahar. Moreover on our site the huilettes, we have a blog or we put forward all these little things we love… I invite you to read this nice paper on this book and this author: https://www.leshuilettes.com en/blog/fan-de-Tal-Ben

Is there a cultural event right now in your city/region that you would advise?
The visit of the Casablanca round Villa, a pure architectural masterpiece by Wolfgang Ewerth, and all this combined with a ftour * electro, this special moment of the breaking of fast during Ramadan, a unique experience


 In a few words to talk about the art of living in your country of expatriation?
Morocco, a beautiful country where the word “Inchallah” rhythm The Daily! Everything is possible and everything is put back in the hands of God, surprising no? The notion of time is therefore well différente…et if things are not done, it is that they do not have to be… we have a lot to learn:)
The Moroccans are very hospitable, always close to share their tajin or their couscous!

Can you describe your business? 
The huilettes, it is a young French brand 100% natural and committed that we created with Claire in June 2016. 
The huilettes is a range of 5 products to meet specific needs in a beauty routine: 
-My day oil, one day anti-aging Serum and skin tonic shedding protection 
-My oil night, one night and price Serum prices ideal price pour let go have a skin smoothed and regenerated on awakening 
-My oil relipid the dry skins 
-My eyes oily, on rolling the contour of the eyes shining to reduce the pockets and fine lines 
-My oil cleans, a cleansing oil, a new ritual for removing makeup without drying out

How did you develop? 
Twenty years of experience in cosmetics and a beautiful friendship, a complementarity to trigger entrepreneurship in two! 
Return to the Faculty of Pharmacy of Rennes to complete your expertise in aromatherapy, necessary for the creation of formulas that belongs to us. A finance possible and several times to help us take the challenge. 

A daily agility, me in Casablanca, Claire in Suresnes 

A tribe of Huilettes addicted without whom the huilettes could not have seen the day 

A connected world that allows you to go fast. 

What do you remember from your experience at the Professional level? 
I have the chance to practice a profession that fascinates me and challenges me every day, I have the chance to do with a friend, I have the chance to make beautiful meetings on a daily basis… this is what drives us in the

In a few words professional career 
Doctor of Pharmacy, graduate of a master in Marketing management at Essec, I worked for 20 years in many multinationals (Lancôme, Rogé Cavaillès, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté…) and conventional cosmetic distributors on the projects of  Development and operational marketing in France and internationally… 
Tired of the greenwashing, products on the markets and beautiful human encounters, discovering Morocco’s incredible plant resources of aromatherapy and training through a university degree in aromatherapy…. And the huilettes of LABESSENTIEL were born… 

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