Who are you?

Thomas Lebreton freshly forty. I like to work.

Where do you live?

I live in the Netherlands in Amsterdam in the Museum district. It is a very central area close to the Vondelpark and not too touristy.

How did you get here? 

We arrived here by personal choice. We lived in Paris and when our family grew up with our third child, we realized that we suffocated: the famous “subway, worki, beddy-byes”. I did not blossoming in my activity so when my wife was offered a post in Amsterdam we immediately made our choice to come here.

Did you ever live abroad? 

Yes. I was born in the Central African Republic and I lived almost half of my life abroad: Tchad, Gabon, Syria, Bahrain and the Netherlands today.

How long have you been here ? 

We have settled in Amsterdam since the summer of 2015. We have three children who have 8, 6 and 3 years 1 ⁄ 2.
Amsterdam is a great place to live with your family. I will say that there has not really been any adaptation so life is easy here. In my opinion the only “difficulty” is to learn Dutch which is not an easy language from my point of view. However English is ubiquitous in the Netherlands and the Dutch speak it very well. Moreover Amsterdam is a very international city.

You have developed an activity, how did you come up with the idea? And why this theme?

I have always wanted to undertake and it would have been difficult to see impossible to get started by staying in Paris with my work and the management of children. I have been brewing beer as an amateur for almost 10 years. The beer market being in the midst of a revolution of a passion and a carrier market, I chose to get started in this field because I was able to outsource a maximum of functions in order to remain flexible and concentrate on the sale. Making beer is exciting, it’s a process that takes time and know-how to get a satisfying product. I see this as an art, the combinations of ingredients being infinite.

Explain how you organize yourself between your business and your personal life?

I work 4days and a half a week and take care of my family on Wednesday afternoon.

So you’re a very busy “Dadpreneur”? 

I start work after the children drop off at school and until 6pm. A babysitter helps us so I can get more time to launch my business. 

Can you share your lucky moments of the sack?

My happiness of “Musette” is to share my passion.

You care a lot of children, a small Home-made to share?

Salt paste

In addition to being “Dadpreneur”, what are your favorite cultural outings of the moment alone or with the family?

As a family it is the Nemo Science Museum. Lots of interactive activities around science are offered to children. A wealth of information! How does solar panels work, how to build a bridge, how water circulates and arrives “clean” in our taps…

Only it is discovering free works hidden in the city : the street art. At the turn of a passage, from a street we discover little wonders of art! Beautiful mix between architecture and contemporary art. 

Cultural moment: Can you quote me one of your favorite paintings or books?

I really like the books of James a loaf. info here

Is there a cultural event right now in your city/region that you would advise?

Go and see the tulip fields simply. Sure, there is Keukenhof, splendid Park with tulips, hyacinths… But the bike rides in the tulip fields, really top! And I also like to go to the Paradisio which is a converted church in the theatre!

In few words,  can you tell us about the art of living in your country of expatriation?

Life here is not very sophisticated, there is a time for everything between work, family and leisure. Amsterdam is a city where it is good to live, it is a bike, you can visit it by boat and go running in one of the many parks around the city

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